Philips TDA1541A latest production run: 1997


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Stereo high performance 16-bit DAC. Philips Brand New!

Please note that this is not !! the low costs R1 version with less linearity.

The chip TDA1541A is highly regarded for its fabulous sound!


This TDA1541A bears the code: HBH9751, meaning that the production date is 1997 week 51. This was one of the very last production runs.

The silicon wafers for the TDA1541 were produced at Philips Nijmegen. Final assembly was at plants in Holland and later Taiwan, China or India.

On the back of this TDA1541A there is a small print CHINA; meaning that this item was assembled in China.

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Summarized description
Code: TDA1541A
Brand: Philips
Manufactured in: Holland (wafer)
Production year: 1997
Serial number: 11266
Condition: new; unused
Quantity: 1