Test setup  ECC88, E88CC, 

Test setup  ECC88, E88CC, 

Early anode current test setup-> ECC88 types and equivalents
– Ia is tested with: Va = 90V, Vg= -1,2V. Measurement after 10 minutes stabilization. Rated value new ECC88: Ia = 15mA. If tubes are tested with this setup it is specified in the description.

Presently all tubes of the ECC88 family are tested with the factory test setup as specified below;

Anode current  (Ia) is tested with the official Telefunken/Philips/Mullard test setup: Va = 100V , Vg= +9 with 680 Ohm cathode resistor. Measurement after 10 minutes stabilization. Factory specification NEW E88CC: Ia = 15 ± 0,8mA.

Mutual transconductance (Gm) tests are done with a 10% Vg signal. Factory specification new ECC88: Gm= 12,5 +2,4/-2 mA/V.

Gas and shorts are tested with: AVO CT-160 (Dutch army tester) Setup: AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981.


Telefunken E88CC specification

Siemens E88CC specification


Siemens E88CC end of life specification

Siemens test  setup specification