On this page you will the feed back some of my clients. I started this page recently so the content is limited.

Dear Paul,

My apologies for not yet responding to your previous email!Yes, this chip is absolutely wonderful. I had a guest here for a listening session yesterday. We played baroque music (Händel, Telemann, Corelli and more), and Beethoven’s violin concerto, and we are both thrilled about what can be extracted from the red book cd format. We listened for six hours, it is that good!

Thanks also for your kind offering. Even thought I’d love to own an LHH1000, I’ve no intention to buy one at this time. As you may have understood from my web site, I’m busy designing and building my own solutions. However, I may want to come back to you and ask for one or more crowned chips. If possible…

Thanks again for your interest and support. Much appreciated.

Best, Swedish customer