EL34 Mullard Xf2 labeled Valvo NOS/NIB v203



    • Superior sounding EL34 
    • Mullard production
    • NOS/ NIB
    • Halo getter, black base

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A NOS/NIB black base EL34 tubes made in the Mullard factory in Blackburn, United kingdom.

Detailed description

Although the this Xf2 EL34 with halo-getter and welded plate is labeled as Valvo, in reality it is produced by Mullard in the Blackburn production site. The EL34 is a transmitting beam tetrode. The old Mullard production from the past century is known as the ‘crème de la crème’ of the EL34. This tube delivers superior sonics compared to the Chinese and Russian new production EL34. Sonically many prefer the old welded plate types above the later stapled plate versions.  I refer to the many reviews on the web. The tube is produced in 1971.

The Mullard EL34 Xf2 series is considered by many as an outstanding sounding EL34 tube; a lot better than todays production!

The tube is NOS and has NOS test values and NOS looks. 

Note: my tubes are often not the cheapest. But is very hard to find better tubes !

Test results

The measurement data below show that the tubes are matched and in NOS condition. 



Ia (plate current):

Transconductance (Gm):

Gas test, Shorts test:

 111  mA

12,8  mA/V


>  NOS



Telefunken measuring values for new unused tubes:

  • The rated emission value for a new EL34 is:  100 mA. 
  • The rated transconductance value for a new EL34 is:  11 mA/V . 

For Telefunken specs info see last picture 

Test condition & equipment:

Mutual transconductance, plate current, gas and shorts test equipment: AVO Mk IV (Dutch army tester) , AVO Valve Data Manual 23rd edition 1981, RFT stabilised mains, Utracer3+, Philips PE 4832, 2x Korad KA3005P programmable power supply, 2x Keithley 2700 and 2x Fluke 145.

 Test conditions: Ua (plate voltage) = 250 Volts, Us (screen voltage) = 265 Volts, Ug = -13,5 Volts and Uf = 6,3 V ± 3% (factory conditions). Please read our test page.

Summarized description

Tube type EL34
Quantity of Tubes One tube
Brand Valvo
Manufactured in Mullard, Blackburn
Date code Xf2 B 1D3
Plate Construction Welded grey plate
Getter Construction Halo getter
Print Condition Nice; see pictures
Box included Original factory boxe
Equivalent tubes:  6CA7
General test results  NOS
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