ECC82 Philips Heerlen, 1965, NOS specs v77



  • Philips Holland sound signature  
  • Heerlen production
  • Balanced systems
  • NOS specs
  • Gf8 version

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Philips Heerlen Holland production !

This is a ECC82 produced by Philips in1965 in Heerlen Holland (version Gf8). The tube bears the Philips Miniwatt print. The tube has a ring getter on ‘copper’ post and ribbed grey plates, see pictures. Tube with balanced systems; see test results.


The Heerlen ECC82 double triode’s most distinctive sonic feature, like that of many Heerlen double triodes, is its transparent, natural and sparkling midrange presentation, with a light touch of warmth illuminating your music. The sound image is spacious and deep, structured. The bass is deep but well controlled. I refer to the many threads on the web for more information. Excellent preamp valve and because of the low noise level, very suitable in phono stages.

Note: if your system is “bright sounding’ or to “bright/harsh” already, this tube is not a first choice. British made ECC82 tubes or Telefunken are to be considered in that situation. 

Test method & results

The tubes have been tested carefully with the official Telefunken test set-up and our sophisticated test equipment. Please read our testmethod for the ECC82 tube family. The measurement data below shows that this tube is balanced. And fulfills the factory specs of a new/NOS tube.

Valve 1


Ia (plate current):

Transconductance (Gm):

Gas test, Shorts test:

9,9 / 10,1  mA    

2,0 /2,1 mA/V


=  NOS / NOS

=  NOS / NOS


Where NOS is : Ia = 8,7 til 12,5mA, Gm= 1,9 til 2,7 mA/V.  (Telefunken factory specification see test page)

Short description

Tube type ECC82
Quantity of Tubes One tube
Brand Philips Miniwatt
Manufactured in Heerlen Holland UK
Dates 1965 (Gf8 Delta 5F1)
Construction Ribbed grey plates 
Getter Construction Halo getter on ‘copper‘ post
Print Condition Nice; see pictures
Box included Generic Philips Miniwatt box
Equivalent tubes:  12AU7, ECC802S, CV4003, 12AU7A
General test results  NOS 
Please study photos carefully; what you see is what you get!
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